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6.30.2016 ~ Writer’s Block

The problem with being an emotional writer is that I really only write well when I’m miserable or unhappy. Look at Plath, Hemingway, Bukowski…they all wrote amazing pieces of literature largely in part due to their status as “tortured artists.” I start to wonder now if there really is some truth to the “genius through misfortune” paradigm. Continue reading “6.30.2016 ~ Writer’s Block”

5.31.2016 ~ Your Life Is Your Life, Love


5.16.2016 ~ Wish You the Best


5.13.2016 ~ Excerpts from the Narrator

I have to admit, this last failed relationship – him, my Derrick, what he was, what we were together and what we weren’t – has had a profound effect on me. All relationships that end have an impact, certainly, but this time, it feels different. It has completely changed how I feel about love and I’m starting to wonder…is it meant for me? Continue reading “5.13.2016 ~ Excerpts from the Narrator”

5.9.2016 ~ The Other Mothers


5.5.2016 ~ Life

Life. I want to talk about life for a quick minute here.

Three years ago, my life was so completely different than it is today. I was someone’s wife, I lived in a different state, I did a completely different job, and I felt completely different about who and what I was. Continue reading “5.5.2016 ~ Life”

5.3.2016 ~ Charlie Chaplin – As I Began to Love Myself


4.30.2016 ~ 1200 Thread Count Sheets

When I get that urge
to reach down the street
and pluck you from
your somber sleep,

I just bury my misty face in
the hot side of the pillow,
and wrap my legs around
a soft mountain of covers,

Making a man out of
my 1200 thread count sheets.

4.29.2016 ~ Magic


4.27.2016 ~ Crossroads

We made the right choice.
But I can’t stop thinking.

I can’t stop thinking…
And in all this thinking,
somewhere along the line
I get to thinking
about whether or not
you’re thinking, too. Continue reading “4.27.2016 ~ Crossroads”

4.23.2016 ~ Autocorrect


4.22.2016 ~ Conversations with my Father


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