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9.27.2016 ~ Vanity


9.21.2016 ~ Consider Me

Understand me: I am not a perfect girl.

I may, at times, be fierce,
But I am rarely ever flawless.
I will get mad
And write shitty little poems about love,
Then throw them in your face like sad confetti. Continue reading “9.21.2016 ~ Consider Me”

9.20.2016 ~ Genius


9.16.2016 ~ Meeting in the Middle…

I’ve been thinking a lot about feelings lately. Perhaps because, for the first time in a little while, I’ve allowed myself to get slightly caught up in them again.

The wonderful thing about the last six months of focusing on myself and my fitness and career goals is that I’ve been able to relatively distance myself from my wonky emotions and lead a fairly regimented and orderly life. Feelings…emotions…they can be chaos to a woman like me, and if I am to accomplish anything necessary and greater for myself, I’ve learned that I have to push them aside at times. I have to use the logical part of my brain, you know, the reasonable part that actually accomplishes tasks and doesn’t spend countless hours obsessing about imaginary things that I could have said in a serious conversation I had two months before. Continue reading “9.16.2016 ~ Meeting in the Middle…”

9.15.2016 ~ Secrets


8.31.2016 ~ To Be Continued…

It’s the last day of August. And the inability to write anything resembling something inspiring continues.

I’ve got mounds of shitty little poems, some I might consider finished if I was submitting them to my eighth grade English teacher. Others just sit there, half completed, like sad, little reminders of strong, but idle thoughts that never flourished into their true potential. Continue reading “8.31.2016 ~ To Be Continued…”

6.30.2016 ~ Writer’s Block

The problem with being an emotional writer is that I really only write well when I’m miserable or unhappy. Look at Plath, Hemingway, Bukowski…they all wrote amazing pieces of literature largely in part due to their status as “tortured artists.” I start to wonder now if there really is some truth to the “genius through misfortune” paradigm. Continue reading “6.30.2016 ~ Writer’s Block”

5.31.2016 ~ Your Life Is Your Life, Love


5.16.2016 ~ Wish You the Best


5.13.2016 ~ Excerpts from the Narrator

I have to admit, this last failed relationship – him, my Derrick, what he was, what we were together and what we weren’t – has had a profound effect on me. All relationships that end have an impact, certainly, but this time, it feels different. It has completely changed how I feel about love and I’m starting to wonder…is it meant for me? Continue reading “5.13.2016 ~ Excerpts from the Narrator”

5.9.2016 ~ The Other Mothers


5.5.2016 ~ Life

Life. I want to talk about life for a quick minute here.

Three years ago, my life was so completely different than it is today. I was someone’s wife, I lived in a different state, I did a completely different job, and I felt completely different about who and what I was. Continue reading “5.5.2016 ~ Life”

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