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May 2013

5.25.2013 ~ Saturday Special ~ OUTFIT POST ~ Going Makeup Free for a Beach Breakfast & Eyelash Extensions

There are a few things that I absolutely have to do when I go to visit my family and friends in California.  If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ve already seen that Disneyland with my dad is on the list.  Another to-do is spending time with my ex-step mother, Audry.  I am lucky in the fact that while my dad and Audry are no longer married, our relationship, and the relationships I have with her two daughters, Brittany and Courtney, have continued.  No wicked stepmother here, Audry is perhaps one of the most loving and wonderful people I have ever met in my entire life.

This year, I didn’t get a chance to see Brittany and Courtney, but thankfully, Audry was able to meet up with RJ and I for a quick Saturday morning breakfast at renowned beach joint, Cappy’s Cafe, on Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach.

IMG_5816What’s my favorite thing to order?  I’m fairly predictable, and when I’m in California, only the California Omelette will do.  Avocado, bacon, and cheese stuffed into a giant 4-egg omelette…sounds like my idea of breakfast heaven!!!

For a Saturday morning breakfast on the beautiful coast of California, it’s best to be carefree, so I went in my most comfortable outfit –  a great pair of sunglasses, a tribal print maxi from Ross, my denim jacket, and flip flops.  I also went makeup free with just the slightest hint of bed head.



Curvy in Kansas City - Tribal Maxi DressAfter breakfast and hanging on the beach for a bit, I headed out to Raffine Salon in Newport Beach to try something I have never tried before – eyelash extensions.  I’d heard alot about this new beauty procedure, but the cost in the Kansas City area currently was just a little more than my wallet could stand.  So I opted to try the procedure out in California, where the costs were much more reasonable.  Here are the results.


Overall, I was really pleased with the procedure.  At a cost of only $85, I got 50 lash extensions per eye, for a total of 100 extensions.  The beauticians at Raffine were extremely helpful in assisting me with choosing the number of extensions, length of the extensions, and curl of the extensions.  In hindsight, I think that the only thing I would change is the number of extensions.  According to the ladies at Raffine, I couldn’t wear mascara.  The thickness of the extensions was supposed to provide that illusion.  While my lashes did look thicker, I would personally like just a little more drama.  Next time, there’s a good chance that I’ll try 100 lash extensions per eye, rather than 50.

5.22.2013 ~ Want it Wednesday ~ OUTFIT POST ~ The Maxi Dress from my Coachella Dreams

As some of you know, Coachella was just about a month ago, and while I am a So Cal girl, I have never actually had the opportunity to attend.  It’s been a bit of a bummer, really, when every Spring, for some reason or another I’m not able to make the trek out west to take part in one of the most well-known and celebrity-infested music festivals in the entire country.

This year, instead of making it out to Cali around the time of the festival, we instead opted to visit my family, especially my sweet grandma, the weekend of Mother’s Day.  So, rather than being able to wear my Coachella fashion to Coachella, I just ended up wearing it on a simple Monday, walking down the beach near my father’s beach house on Balboa Peninsula.

While it wasn’t Coachella, this time was perfect all-in-all, because I got to spend it with one of the most amazing people I know, my husband.  Now, I don’t mean to get mushy here, but there really is just something particularly wonderful about walking down the beach, hand in hand with the man you love, forgetting all about your troubles, your day-to-day grind, and the infamously atrocious Kansas City weather waiting for you when you return.

Coachella, Coachshmella.  Give me a sunny sky, sand between my toes, and my hubby any day.

Curvy in Kansas City - Forever 21 Plus Size Maxi Dress






Dress: Forever 21 (similar here), Straw Fedora: Dollar Tree (similar here), Sunglasses: eBay, Necklace: Bohme Boutique, Bracelet: Savers Value Village (similar here), Sandals: Old Navy

5.18.2013 ~ Saturday Special ~ OUTFIT POST ~ Sharing a 20-Year Tradition with the Love of My Life

I am a child of Disney.  No, I don’t mean that I am a descendant of the great man, but rather, my entire life has been greatly impacted by what he accomplished and the legacy he left for us all.  As a child of divorced parents, I started spending summers with my dad in Southern California around the age of five.  I think in some ways my father wasn’t sure what to do with me, so we spent a lot of time traveling around So Cal, spending time at the beach, enjoying family, and visiting theme parks whenever possible.

Starting at age five, my father and I would inadvertently start a tradition that would last for over 20 years, and would create some of the most powerful and most meaningful memories of our entire lives.  Visiting Disneyland somehow or another became a necessity every year that I traveled to see my dad, and with each passing year we would learn more and more about the park.  We would eventually know every inch of the park, every song on every ride, and every place that we knew we couldn’t leave without experiencing.

In recent years it has been hard to make it out to California as much as I used to.  With work and family responsibilities, sometimes it just isn’t feasible to spend as much time there as I did when I was younger.  This year, I knew I had to make it and I knew that this was the year that I had to share the tradition that my father and I had created together with the other man in my life, my husband.

It was a beautiful day in sunny Anaheim, and as Dad and I sang our songs, and dragged RJ throughout the entire park, it meant so much to me to remember what this was like when I was a child, and to be able to show RJ just how important this really was to me.


Curvy in Kansas City - Casual Theme Park Outfit Plus Size



IMG_5773P.S. Happy Birthday, RJ!  I know you’re outside mowing the lawn today, even though it’s your birthday.  And that’s one of the many reasons I love you.  Even on the days when you should totally take off and relax, you want to take care of our home with the same kind of care you take with our family.  I love you bunches!

5.15.2013 ~ Want It Wednesday ~ OUTFIT POST ~ The Perfect Cali Girl Fatkini

Call it what you want – a plus size bikini or a fatkini.  You can even just call it a simple bikini, as I have heard so many women say about bikinis offered in plus sizes.  No matter what you prefer to call it, I have to say, if you haven’t tried it yet, do it now!

I have seen so many amazing plus size bloggers wearing bikinis, from Gabi Gregg of Gabifresh to Chastity Garner of Garnerstyle.  Gabi even has her own line of plus size bikinis that just went on sale today through Swimsuits for All.  My absolute favorite has to be the Galaxy Bikini shown here…

Gabi Galaxy Bikini with Sheer Inserts

Swim Sexy Preview - Save 15% with code SWIM15 at

I have to admit I was a little bit apprehensive about buying my first bikini.  I am a size 18, and I tend to be a little bit box-ish at times.  And of course, I couldn’t try it on first because I had to buy it online, so I had to wait days to even see if it was going to look good on me.   Turns out, all that anxiety was for not.  When I got my teeny little bikini, I was so ecstatic to wear it for the first time on my trip to California to see my family this past week.


Some of you got a sneak peek at this suit when I posted it to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I’ve received a lot of requests about where I purchased the bikini.  Believe it or not, this is another surprise purchase from  This particular plus size two piece swimsuit is the Catalina Suddenly Swim Plus Size Retro Bikini, and aside from black and white stripe, is also available in Navy Anchor Print, Black Polka Dot, Classic Red, and Rich Black.  With a thrifty price tag of only $34.96 for the entire suit, I can’t wait to get the other prints and colors myself.

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