When Miss Nychia calls me, I come a runnin’.  Why?  Because she’s a spectacular human being, and one of the most fashion-forward and inspiring women I’ve ever met.  Designer, editor, event organizer, business woman, all-around mogul…she’s a woman who wears a variety of hats and I’m always so happy to get involved with any show she decides to put on.

Her newest event was titled Designers Choice Fashion Cares, and was a benefit to help raise money to assist the victims of the most recent devastation in Oklahoma.  I was excited to not only be a part of the event, but to also see the exceptional designers who would be presenting their work at the show, including the newest Aura Boutique line as well as another personal favorite of mine, S. Nicole by Shabeba.

I was ready to turn my look up a notch so I went va-va-va voom for the Sunday night show, rocking a brand new Dressbarn bodycon print dress, Forever 21 earrings, and Charlotte Russe nude wedges.  Can I be honest?  I felt pretty hot. 🙂

Curvy in Kansas City - Dressbarn Bodycon

Curvy in Kansas City - Dressbarn bodycon dress

Dressbarn bodycon print dress - Curvy in Kansas CityAnd talking about hotness, I just have to take a minute to rep one of the best local plus size models I’ve seen in recent years.  As you can imagine, there aren’t a lot of them here that work steadily, and any time I get a chance to talk with one of them it’s always a great experience as I get to hear their stories.  That’s why I was super happy to meet Kendra, who walked for the Aura line.  Everyone, say hello to Kendra!

IMG_7244For me, seeing models like Kendra in local shows is a real treat.  It’s not just great to see fashion that I can personally wear, but it’s also an amazing feeling to know that a designer thought enough of who I am as a person to represent me.  So bravo to Nychia and Kendra!  You ladies rock!

And finally, I just want to spotlight a new designer that I was introduced to during the show – Krystal Jolicoeur.  I’m sitting backstage, talking to Kendra and a couple of the other models, and I’m seeing these beautiful models being painted in these intricate ways.  As I take a closer look, I notice they’re wearing stunning dyed garments, and I’m thinking, who has made these?!?IMG_7245IMG_7247

IMG_7248The Joliculture line by Krystal Jolicoeur is perhaps one of the most inspired and beautiful lines I’ve seen from a local Kansas City designer.  All of the fabrics are hand dyed, and the construction is meticulous.  Krystal has an eye for not only fabric and color choices, but her styling choices are striking.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear that this woman does some amazing things in the very near future.

For more photos from the Designers Choice Fashion Cares event, head over to Gene Starr’s site and check out his coverage of the event.

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