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August 2013

8.20.2013 ~ Weekend Update ~ OUTFIT POST ~ Sunday Brunch & Perfect Afternoons

Ya’ll, I gotta tell you…I am still exhausted.  Between work, the blog, and making time for family and friends, it’s been a real crazy couple of months.  And with all that exhaustion, I have to say that when I get a day off from all of it, I’ve been pretty lazy.  And I don’t just mean “I’ll do the dishes in the morning” kind of lazy, I mean the “I may not brush my teeth today” kind of lazy.

Ok, so I kid. 🙂

But, seriously, I haven’t done much of anything SUPER fun with the hubby in a while.  When I got up on Sunday morning, I decided it was time that the Mister and I had some quality time.

I got up and outfitted myself in what may be my new favorite comfy chic look  – Vigoss relaxed boyfriend jeans, my brand new Torrid studded challis henley (which literally feels like “butta” on my skin), gold aviators and braided leather sandals.

We headed to Westport first, and chowed down on some amazing brunch favorites from The Beer Kitchen – the Mister got Chicken & Waffles, I went for lighter fare with an omelette and breakfast potatoes.  After brunch and a mini-photo shoot where I had some fun with my recent INK cover, we headed to spoil ourselves a little, with Haywood choosing a brand new laptop bag and some Aldo dress shoes, while I decided to pick up some 2 for $20 Aldo sunglasses and a boat-load of new perfume.

It really was a great day – not only did we get some quality time together, but it was nice to just get out and enjoy the city while the sun’s shining and it’s not so hot that you feel like you’re going to melt.  I guess fall is coming soon, but I really hope to have a few more perfect Sunday afternoons just like this one.

Curvy in Kansas City - Ink Cover Sunday Brunch

Curvy in Kansas City - Sunday Brunch 1

Curvy in Kansas City - Sunday Brunch 2

Curvy in Kansas City - Sunday Brunch 3

Curvy in Kansas City - Sunday Brunch 4

8.17.2013 ~ Saturday Special ~ OUTFIT POST ~ It’s OK, You CAN Wear Clothes from Walmart

As you all may imagine, I’ve kept tabs on a lot of the feedback from my recent photo shoot and spread in INK Magazine.  I have loved hearing every moment of all the support everyone has given me, and I am truly humbled by it all.

Truth is, I still look at the cover and think at times, “Is that really me? Who is that confident girl?”

And while 99% of the commentary has been overwhelming positive, there has still been that tiny 1% of people that just don’t seem to get it.  And that’s cool.  Who I am as a person, and the statements I make in my life, really aren’t things that I need approval for.  However, there have been some unique comments that I’d like to address specifically.

One in particular, about my decision to wear a dress from Walmart in my fashion spread, has certainly afforded me a great deal of entertainment.

Portrait Charity Whan Jackson at her Independence home for INK.

(Photo Courtesy of Ink Magazine and Jim Barcus, Photographer)

You see, for me, fashion isn’t about the money that you spend.  It’s, ultimately, how you feel about yourself that matters.  In my jewelry closet, I have everything from Tiffany to Target, and in my wardrobe, everything from Johnny Was to Walmart.  Why?  Because, well, I can. And everything I choose to buy and own, I love wholeheartedly and feel great in when I wear it.

But here’s the other thing that I know as a frequent shopper who talks to women all the time about fashion – not everyone has a designer budget.  And knowing this, I always encourage women, regardless of their budget, to seek out fashionable options that can allow them to look and feel like a million bucks.  If you can’t afford that Monif C bikini, why not find a suitable alternative at Walmart?

And here’s the other thing that I know about many women who choose to spend their pennies wisely when it comes to their wardrobes – these women are smart and fiscally responsible.

You know, I adore Jimmy Choos and Anna Scholz, and if Haywood and I were “rich,” then my closet would likely be filled with them and similar designers.  But, we’re not, and frankly, we’d rather put that $500 that I would hypothetically spend on a single pair of shoes toward our student loans or into our 401ks.

In the end, I want women to know that regardless of what you’re working with, you can look amazing and you should never be shamed into feeling like your wardrobe is less than others because you can’t afford what others can.  Here’s the ultimate test…find something that you love, and put it on.  When you look in the mirror, how does it make you feel?  If you feel stunning, then buy it and rock it!

8.13.2013 ~ Breaking News ~ I’m A Cover Girl

Well, I guess there’s no point in waiting any longer for the big news…

With Curvy in Kansas City, I have been able to combine my love of writing with my longstanding passion for plus size fashion.  But it’s not just about clothes, and shoes, and the material things that I buy.  Curvy in Kansas City is my soapbox.  It is where I stand up and tell the world that they don’t get to make me feel small, or ugly, or generally bad about myself.

The message is beauty, regardless of shape or size.  And with every picture I post, or tale that I tell, I hope that it inspires other women to never lose themselves in the mad, mad world that so often shouts at them and says that they are not the stunning and miraculous creatures that they truly are.

I didn’t actually plan for Curvy in Kansas City to be a big success.  If I’m really honest with myself, I’m not sure what I planned it to be in the long-term at all.  But something kind of crazy has happened…people have connected to it.  Especially here, locally, in Kansas City.  Every day, I have new followers, I meet new people, or I connect with other bloggers and fashion icons who have nothing but positive things to say about the message that I’m sending to women – young and old.

You can imagine my surprise when, just a few short weeks ago, the Kansas City Star called and asked me something a little insane.  They said, “Hey, we saw your blog and we were wondering…would you pose for the cover of INK Magazine…in your bikini?”

Like most 30-year old women would, I have to say, I did panic just a little.  But then I thought about all the things that I have been saying to my readers, and how by doing this, I could be making one of the biggest statements of my entire life.

So I said, “Absolutely?” 🙂

And here it is.  The result of weeks of planning and a highly entertaining five-hour photo shoot.  I am not only gracing the cover of the August 14th issue of INK Magazine, but I’m also featured in a three-page spread within the magazine  (Photo Courtesy of Ink Magazine).

Ink Cover PhotoI want to take this time to really thank INK Magazine for supporting Curvy in Kansas City and all that I, and my readers, represent.  Also, a big shout out to Lisa Gutierrez, the writer of the article, who worked with me and gave me that extra boost of confidence when I started to doubt myself!  You are the best, dear lady!  And to Laurie Ramirez, one bad ass MUA, and Jim Barcus, master photographer, who made this shoot so much easier with their creativity and professionalism.  Thanks for making me look and feel amazing!

The magazine is out Wednesday, so be sure to hit up one of the 1600 locations around the city to pick up your copy and scope out the rest of the spread.  INK Magazine can be found in several high-traffic locations, including a majority of CVS, Price Chopper, Walmart, Sunfresh, Hvvee, Hen House, Dillon’s, and 7-Eleven locations.

For online coverage, see here.

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