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September 2013

9.23.2013 ~ Weekend Update ~ My Week at Torrid HQ

As most of you know, I became a part of the Torrid team several months ago as an assistant store manager at their Independence Center location in Independence, Missouri.  What some of you may not know is that the reason why I went to Los Angeles (along with Miss Kendra, the store manager from the Zona Rosa location) last week was to take part in a multi-day training that Torrid provides to their store managers in an effort to get them even more connected to and passionate about the brand.


I have to say, if I wasn’t already emotionally connected to this brand before this training, then I definitely am now.  While I can’t share everything that I learned with you, I would like to share a couple of personal takeaways that I am sure you would all like to know.

First, the women (and MEN I might add) who run Torrid stores all over the nation are perhaps some of the most diverse and fantastic people I’ve ever met.  To these women, working for Torrid is not just a job.  It is their passion and their lives.  It’s funny when you are able to recognize a Torrid girl, a comrade in arms, even when you’ve never met them before.  This became abundantly clear when Kendra and I began to approach certain women upon arrival at the airport because we just KNEW that they were Torrid store managers too.  You see, we don’t just sell the clothes, we wear them, and we rock them in our own unique ways.

Second, Torrid (and the Hot Topic company as a whole) has dedicated itself to quality and innovation.  For me, being able to talk with everyone at HQ and to see the excitement they have for what’s being done, and what’s coming, I can’t help but be a little giddy.  I have already seen in my store their commitment to quality in items like the new push up plunge bra, which is perhaps my new favorite bra.  I can say it whole-heartedly, there’s no reason for me to ever go back to LB bras.  And innovation!  OMG!  It only took one look at Blackheart, Hot Topic’s new lingerie brand, to understand that they were doing something very special at HQ.

And finally, I just really want to say this because it is so true – you have to love your job.  If you don’t love your job right now and you’re miserable, know that you can do whatever you want to do if you set goals for yourself!  I spent many years working in a corporate job that I hated because I felt stuck and didn’t think that I could leave.  Maybe my transition can be an inspiration for you, because you know what?  I really do love my job!!!!  Whether it’s working here on the blog and spending time with all my readers, or it’s working at Torrid and getting to help my customers, I love every minute of what I do.  I am so grateful for what I have been given, and I just wanted to say to Torrid and to my readers, THANK YOU!


9.13.2013 ~ OUTFIT POST ~ Style It Your Way – Blogger Edition ~ The Kiyonna Caycee Twist Top

I really do love Kiyonna.  Why?

Because their catalog of style includes so many staple pieces that any girl should have in their wardrobe.  There is something that is just so classically simple, yet overwhelmingly beautiful about everything that they sell.  I get so excited…perhaps it’s because it is all made so well, with fits that have been designed specifically to enhance the curvy girl body, or maybe it’s because it’s all just so sophisticated!

Recently, I had the opportunity to take part in Kiyonna’s Style It Your Way – Blogger Edition and try out their Caycee Twist Top.



No secret here – I adored it!  The color was to die for – Kiyonna calls it “Magenta Maven.”  I call it hotness.  It was a perfect pairing for these new black and gray floral skinny jeans that I picked up recently, giving me the opportunity to inject a bright pop of color into the outfit.  And the fit was ideal.  I love how the twist at the bodice brings attention to the neckline and outlines my curves up top.


To get your hands on the Caycee Twist Top, be sure to head on over to and get your own.  The top is available in Magenta Maven, Peacock Teal, and Black Noir, and in sizes OX (10-12) – 5X (30-32).  As a special offer for you today, be sure to use the code TWIST10 to get $10 off the Caycee Twist Top valid until 9.30.2013!

Happy Friday, everybody!  Have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be headed to LA on Sunday, so posting will be a little light during the week.  Be sure to keep up with my travels and my fab LA fashion via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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