I have a confession to make…I love, love, love leather!  Faux leather to be honest, but it’s all good over here!

You know people keep saying that Torrid is no longer edgy, or that they just don’t “feel” the new lines…but I have to say that I just don’t understand what they’re talking about.  Yeah sure, there may be a few things here and there that are a miss, but I’ve been finding far more hits in my personal shopping experience.

Take for example all the pieces from this outfit.  The outfit is completely Torrid, except for my Ray-Bans, and the earrings and necklace, which were surprising and amazing gifts from my hubby for Christmas that he got at Bohme in Independence Center.  The jacket is perhaps one of the most spectacular pieces I’ve ever seen from Torrid, with quality construction and fabulous design.  I love the zipper details, and the fact that you can zip off the lower half to make the jacket shorter is just icing on an already delicious cake.  Yes, the price is a little steep at $98.50, but I completely adore this jacket and I wear it all the time.  (P.S. the jacket is no longer available online, but be sure to contact your local store – they may still be in stock there!)

IMG_9664 (1)

IMG_9669 (1)

IMG_9693 (1)

IMG_9716 (1)The two other departments that Torrid is really up-ing their game in are denim and shoes.  If you shop Torrid regularly, you’ve likely seen the introduction of their new Premium Denim line, as well as their new jegging, and the super skinny stiletto.  The jeans I’m wearing here are the latter, and they feature faux leather buttons, and other faux leather details such as belt loops and edging on the pockets.  Their fit is very similar to the jegging.  

The cutout strappy heels are brand new to Torrid, and one pair of so many that are gracing us this spring.  If you’ve heard me go on my tirade about heels before, than you know that I rarely ever buy true heels these days.  I’m much more of a wedge fan, but there was something about the look of these that called me to them and said, “Buy me, wear me, love me!”

Say what you want about Torrid, but if I can put together looks like this, I’m sold!