Curvy in California

A Life Without Curves Is Just A Straight Line


January 2015

1.24.2015 ~ This Bench, This Friggin’ Bench…

So there’s this bench,
An unassuming little bench,
A concrete slab to sit on,
Cold and hard like a dead heart,
Metal legs, rusted to a deep
Shade of ochre.
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1.22.2015 ~ The Most Profound Thing I Heard This Week…

Let go
Of the notion of “fair.”
Fathers would protect, nurture,
Show temperance, if life
Was fair.
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1.15.2015 ~ As You Get Older, JT, Remember The Cat…

When you’re young (or at least younger than the person you’re talking to) and are considering the path of your life, you will often be told, “No worries, take one day at a time!   You’ve got your whole life ahead of you!” Continue reading “1.15.2015 ~ As You Get Older, JT, Remember The Cat…”

1.2.2015 ~ This Year…


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