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February 2015

2.26.2015 ~ A New Life After Divorce…

Sitting and talking with a friend over lunch the other day, I realized something pretty important had happened… Continue reading “2.26.2015 ~ A New Life After Divorce…”

2.22.2015 ~ Why I Write…

I’ve been sitting here this week trying to write about…well, write about why I write.  The problem is, though, I get something down and about three paragraphs in, I end up scrapping the whole thing and starting over again.  Nothing I’ve come up with seems to feel right. Continue reading “2.22.2015 ~ Why I Write…”

2.19.2015 ~ Letting Myself Get Angry

This was not a good beer shit.
This was real shit.
Dark, hateful, crooked and cold.
The kind of shitty thing that happens in life
Where you just look at yourself and think,
How can I possibly get my guts to unwind?
Continue reading “2.19.2015 ~ Letting Myself Get Angry”

2.14.2015 ~ On Valentine’s Day, And Every Day Really, I’m The Best Form of Entertainment I Have

Damn it, damn it, damn it! I really wanted to write something splendiferous for Valentine’s Day, but you know what, when the MAN gets it right, he gets it right. And there are no other words that I could ever write that could say it better. My undying love and devotion to Charles Bukowski on Valentine’s Day… Continue reading “2.14.2015 ~ On Valentine’s Day, And Every Day Really, I’m The Best Form of Entertainment I Have”

2.8.2015 ~ Frozen Dreams and Thawed Out Memories

Just flipping through A Light In The Attic this weekend, searching for some faint hint of inspiration from Shel. It’s been a tough week for the writer in me. I find sometimes that it’s difficult to sit and write, no matter how much I feel like I need to. At times it’s just good old fashioned writer’s block, but more often than not, it’s really that there are too many thoughts rolling around up there for me to stick to one and write about it with any kind of clarity. Continue reading “2.8.2015 ~ Frozen Dreams and Thawed Out Memories”

2.1.2014 ~ Dating After Divorce, Fin: I Didn’t Know I Was “The Other Woman”

The Other Woman….to some of you, it’s just a cute, little romantic comedy where three women find out they’re in relationships with the same man and decide to exact revenge and come out better people, better women, in the process. Continue reading “2.1.2014 ~ Dating After Divorce, Fin: I Didn’t Know I Was “The Other Woman””

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