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March 2015

3.15.2015 ~ Relationships Are Hard…

By the time the 3rd ex called, I knew what demons were going to be haunting me this Friday the 13th.  As I was relaying my dilemma to my good friend, Katie, these were the only words of encouragement she could offer me:

“Hide.  Just hide.  Lock the door.  Turn the phone off.  Turn the computer off now.” Continue reading “3.15.2015 ~ Relationships Are Hard…”

3.13.2015 ~ I Hope You Dance….

I’m thinking about something really cheesy and utterly nostalgic right now…my high school graduation song.

I graduated from Mexico Senior High School in Mexico, Missouri, in May of 2001, and since you’ve most definitely never heard of it, you can likely imagine how small of a town that really is.  Not the tiniest village in Audrain County (it’s the county seat, as a matter of fact), but definitely the minutest of places to anyone raised in Southern California, the place I now call home. Continue reading “3.13.2015 ~ I Hope You Dance….”

3.6.2015 ~ On Becoming REAL…

I’m sitting here this morning, it’s Friday, March 6th, one day before my 32nd birthday…and I’ve been crying off and on for the past hour at my desk at work.  Not uncontrollable, snotty sobbing, although I might have described it that way on Instagram (I may be a bit dramatic at times, I admit…I’m a writer, it’s in my blood). Continue reading “3.6.2015 ~ On Becoming REAL…”

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