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May 2015

5.22.2015 ~ Life, Unexpected…

This weekend has come upon me like a rolling Missouri thunderstorm.

If you had told me a year ago, Memorial Day weekend, that I would be on my way to Africa right now, I would have told you, “You’re crazy!”  No, there’s no way that the girl, driving with her best friend in a Prius across the country, with nothing more than her car, her clothes, and a little bit of cash, could have even dreamed of this being possible. Continue reading “5.22.2015 ~ Life, Unexpected…”

5.17.2015 ~ Junk Food, Alcohol, and A**holes

It’s been an interesting six weeks. But I haven’t done anything insanely cool. I haven’t hiked some beautiful, green, lush national park, or visited some exotic California beach. I haven’t been to that wild bar in Costa Mesa, and I haven’t met some amazing new guy who takes me to fun dinners or to the batting cages on Friday nights. Continue reading “5.17.2015 ~ Junk Food, Alcohol, and A**holes”

5.10.2015 ~ Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!

I was sitting there one night not too long ago thinking, “Wow, the next time I’ll see my mom is going to be in August.” Continue reading “5.10.2015 ~ Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!”

5.2.2015 ~ “A Skinny Year”…

Before I really get started, let me tell you…I have no idea what it means to be “skinny”.  I am thirty two years old and in all of those years, I have never experienced the state of being “skinny”.  At least, “skinny” in the sense that we have all now come to know it thanks to current societal standards of beauty.  According to my mother, I came out of the womb like a boulder, and well, not much has changed as I’ve gotten older…I’m just a slightly bigger boulder. Continue reading “5.2.2015 ~ “A Skinny Year”…”

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