Curvy in California

A Life Without Curves Is Just A Straight Line


June 2015

6.13.2015 ~ Give Me A Wildflower…

I find now that I’m older,
I like wildflowers more than roses…
Old roses, modern roses,
Tea roses and damasks,
It doesn’t really matter to me what kind,
Because every rose just seems a bit haughty,
The ego of the thing! Continue reading “6.13.2015 ~ Give Me A Wildflower…”

6.10.2015 ~ Adventure Ahead…

Hey guys!  Well, I’m back from Africa, and I’m getting into the swing of normal life again.  I’m trying to get caught up on all I’ve missed while gone, and also trying to get down on paper all the thoughts and stories I’ve got rolling around in my brain. Continue reading “6.10.2015 ~ Adventure Ahead…”

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