Curvy in California

A Life Without Curves Is Just A Straight Line


February 2016

2.26.2016 ~ The Always Place

This is the always place
Where we forever find each other.
My mind’s eye catches the gleaming exit sign
And silently begs me to,
“Stop, just stop…
It’s time to go home alone.” Continue reading “2.26.2016 ~ The Always Place”

2.22.2016 ~ Random Thoughts of Infinitesimal Wisdom


2.17.2016 ~ Something Old…’Cause It’s Getting Old…

This goes out to that special man
Who is always talking about truth…
But not just any truth…his truth.

Continue reading “2.17.2016 ~ Something Old…’Cause It’s Getting Old…”

2.9.2016 ~ Bahahaha! You want MY advice????

I find it absolutely hilarious at times that anyone would intentionally seek advice from me. Sure, at first glance, I’ve got myself pretty together. I live in the beautiful state of California in my own place (a feat, in and of itself, my friends!), I travel extensively, I spend an exorbitant amount of time with the people that I love and who love me, and I have an excellent career that affords me the ability to have the kind of lifestyle that I enjoy. Continue reading “2.9.2016 ~ Bahahaha! You want MY advice????”

2.5.2016 ~What Do You Want?

He asked me, “What do you want?”
And I didn’t give the question
One single second to linger
In the hot, bedroom air between us. Continue reading “2.5.2016 ~What Do You Want?”

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