Curvy in California

A Life Without Curves Is Just A Straight Line


March 2016

3.28.2016 ~ I Ask The Impossible


3.26.2016 ~ Savage Woman


3.25.2016 ~ A Comment On Writing…

When people, friends and strangers alike, first take a glance at my writing, there is one question I get more than any other.  Why is so much of what you write so uplifting and encouraging, but your poetry is so dark and painful? Continue reading “3.25.2016 ~ A Comment On Writing…”

3.18.2016 ~ Because I Love Dawn…


3.17.2016 ~ Zen

My birthday was last week.  I turned 33 years old and man, I keep wondering, where does the time go????  I don’t feel 33.  I don’t feel like I look 33 (thank you very much to the attorney at work who asked me seriously if I had just turned 25!!!!).  And I gotta be honest, I don’t feel like I have yet to gain the personal insight that I thought I would have at 33.  To be quite frank, I still feel lost at times.   Continue reading “3.17.2016 ~ Zen”

3.3.2016 ~ Self-Esteem


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