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9.16.2016 ~ Meeting in the Middle…

I’ve been thinking a lot about feelings lately. Perhaps because, for the first time in a little while, I’ve allowed myself to get slightly caught up in them again.

The wonderful thing about the last six months of focusing on myself and my fitness and career goals is that I’ve been able to relatively distance myself from my wonky emotions and lead a fairly regimented and orderly life. Feelings…emotions…they can be chaos to a woman like me, and if I am to accomplish anything necessary and greater for myself, I’ve learned that I have to push them aside at times. I have to use the logical part of my brain, you know, the reasonable part that actually accomplishes tasks and doesn’t spend countless hours obsessing about imaginary things that I could have said in a serious conversation I had two months before. Continue reading “9.16.2016 ~ Meeting in the Middle…”

8.31.2016 ~ To Be Continued…

It’s the last day of August. And the inability to write anything resembling something inspiring continues.

I’ve got mounds of shitty little poems, some I might consider finished if I was submitting them to my eighth grade English teacher. Others just sit there, half completed, like sad, little reminders of strong, but idle thoughts that never flourished into their true potential. Continue reading “8.31.2016 ~ To Be Continued…”

6.30.2016 ~ Writer’s Block

The problem with being an emotional writer is that I really only write well when I’m miserable or unhappy. Look at Plath, Hemingway, Bukowski…they all wrote amazing pieces of literature largely in part due to their status as “tortured artists.” I start to wonder now if there really is some truth to the “genius through misfortune” paradigm. Continue reading “6.30.2016 ~ Writer’s Block”

5.5.2016 ~ Life

Life. I want to talk about life for a quick minute here.

Three years ago, my life was so completely different than it is today. I was someone’s wife, I lived in a different state, I did a completely different job, and I felt completely different about who and what I was. Continue reading “5.5.2016 ~ Life”

4.13.2016 ~ Soul Sessions

On Sunday mornings, there’s typically only one place you’ll find me: kicked back in bed on the phone talking to my mother back in Kansas City. As my comfy pillows and queen size bed support the weight of my body, my mother’s voice supports the weight of my heart and my soul. Continue reading “4.13.2016 ~ Soul Sessions”

3.17.2016 ~ Zen

My birthday was last week.  I turned 33 years old and man, I keep wondering, where does the time go????  I don’t feel 33.  I don’t feel like I look 33 (thank you very much to the attorney at work who asked me seriously if I had just turned 25!!!!).  And I gotta be honest, I don’t feel like I have yet to gain the personal insight that I thought I would have at 33.  To be quite frank, I still feel lost at times.   Continue reading “3.17.2016 ~ Zen”

2.9.2016 ~ Bahahaha! You want MY advice????

I find it absolutely hilarious at times that anyone would intentionally seek advice from me. Sure, at first glance, I’ve got myself pretty together. I live in the beautiful state of California in my own place (a feat, in and of itself, my friends!), I travel extensively, I spend an exorbitant amount of time with the people that I love and who love me, and I have an excellent career that affords me the ability to have the kind of lifestyle that I enjoy. Continue reading “2.9.2016 ~ Bahahaha! You want MY advice????”

1.19.2016 ~ A New Year: Forgiveness

Well, my loves, I have returned! It’s a brand new year and as it turns out, writing a book almost solely about men and dating for months on end is taking its toll on your girl. It’s a great story, and I’ve had a lot of fun working on the book, but mentally, I’m wiped out! And the fact is there is so much more going on in my life that I really want to write about and share – thoughts, ideas, relationships, experiences, random B.S. that pops into my head at two o’clock in the morning. Continue reading “1.19.2016 ~ A New Year: Forgiveness”

7.27.2015 ~ I’m Not Scared Anymore…

I haven’t been able to write lately. I’ve sat down to blog I don’t know how many times, and that stupid blinking cursor has done nothing but annoy the crap out of me. Continue reading “7.27.2015 ~ I’m Not Scared Anymore…”

5.22.2015 ~ Life, Unexpected…

This weekend has come upon me like a rolling Missouri thunderstorm.

If you had told me a year ago, Memorial Day weekend, that I would be on my way to Africa right now, I would have told you, “You’re crazy!”  No, there’s no way that the girl, driving with her best friend in a Prius across the country, with nothing more than her car, her clothes, and a little bit of cash, could have even dreamed of this being possible. Continue reading “5.22.2015 ~ Life, Unexpected…”

5.17.2015 ~ Junk Food, Alcohol, and A**holes

It’s been an interesting six weeks. But I haven’t done anything insanely cool. I haven’t hiked some beautiful, green, lush national park, or visited some exotic California beach. I haven’t been to that wild bar in Costa Mesa, and I haven’t met some amazing new guy who takes me to fun dinners or to the batting cages on Friday nights. Continue reading “5.17.2015 ~ Junk Food, Alcohol, and A**holes”

5.2.2015 ~ “A Skinny Year”…

Before I really get started, let me tell you…I have no idea what it means to be “skinny”.  I am thirty two years old and in all of those years, I have never experienced the state of being “skinny”.  At least, “skinny” in the sense that we have all now come to know it thanks to current societal standards of beauty.  According to my mother, I came out of the womb like a boulder, and well, not much has changed as I’ve gotten older…I’m just a slightly bigger boulder. Continue reading “5.2.2015 ~ “A Skinny Year”…”

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