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9.21.2016 ~ Consider Me

Understand me: I am not a perfect girl.

I may, at times, be fierce,
But I am rarely ever flawless.
I will get mad
And write shitty little poems about love,
Then throw them in your face like sad confetti. Continue reading “9.21.2016 ~ Consider Me”

9.20.2016 ~ Genius


9.15.2016 ~ Secrets


5.31.2016 ~ Your Life Is Your Life, Love


5.13.2016 ~ Excerpts from the Narrator

I have to admit, this last failed relationship – him, my Derrick, what he was, what we were together and what we weren’t – has had a profound effect on me. All relationships that end have an impact, certainly, but this time, it feels different. It has completely changed how I feel about love and I’m starting to wonder…is it meant for me? Continue reading “5.13.2016 ~ Excerpts from the Narrator”

5.3.2016 ~ Charlie Chaplin – As I Began to Love Myself


4.30.2016 ~ 1200 Thread Count Sheets

When I get that urge
to reach down the street
and pluck you from
your somber sleep,

I just bury my misty face in
the hot side of the pillow,
and wrap my legs around
a soft mountain of covers,

Making a man out of
my 1200 thread count sheets.

4.27.2016 ~ Crossroads

We made the right choice.
But I can’t stop thinking.

I can’t stop thinking…
And in all this thinking,
somewhere along the line
I get to thinking
about whether or not
you’re thinking, too. Continue reading “4.27.2016 ~ Crossroads”

4.21.2016 ~ Torture

Losing love
is a special kind of
Torture. Continue reading “4.21.2016 ~ Torture”

4.16.2016 ~ A Response

Tell me anything…
Tell me you still love her.
Tell me you’re hurt,
and tell me you’re angry.
Tell me it’s too hard to move on.
Tell me how easy it is to cry.
Tell me anything… Continue reading “4.16.2016 ~ A Response”

4.7.2016 ~ Ethan Hawke is an A**hole

This is why love never works out for girls like me…
We love Ethan Hawke.
Sure, we try on Ben Stiller.
We know he’s what we need.
We know he’s the right choice, the sensible cut.
We know we can take him home to our mothers. Continue reading “4.7.2016 ~ Ethan Hawke is an A**hole”

3.28.2016 ~ I Ask The Impossible


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